Individuals receiving Facility Day Hab attend services via the Smeltzer Educational
Center. The individuals typically attend five hours a day, Monday through Friday.
Individuals work on improving and/or learning, self-help skills, work-related skill,
socialization skills, etc.

Individuals receiving Community Day Hab arrive at the Smeltzer Educational Center in
the morning, but then head into the community for services. Individuals explore various
avenues of subjects, as they build relationships with community people. Various
trainings occur in the community, based on the needs and/or desires of the individuals.
Once finished, they return to the Smeltzer Educational Center. They leave from the
Center in the afternoon to return home.

Individuals receiving Community Experience are picked up from their homes and
returned when the day is finished. The people in Community Experience services are
working on building additional relationships in the community and exploring more about
potentially working, volunteering, helping their neighborhood, or learning about new
ideas or adventures.  

Greater Etowah provides Day Services under three categories:

Facility Day Hab
Community Day Hab
Community Services.
Greater Etowah 310 Board
Working With The Person,
For The Person.
Day Services